Interior Furnishing

Interior Furnishing

We use top-quality furniture plywood to finish the interior walls of a container. It helps us to create a visually appealing and technically sound product. Our goal is to achieve full mobility of finished modules; it cannot be done using drywall or similar materials. During transportation, the module vibrates, and there is a risk of cracking the walls. While installing plywood, we keep boards a couple of millimeters apart from each other; it allows the transportation process to be smooth in the future.

After installing the plywood, we cover the surface with two layers of water-based varnish. In between the layers, we clean the walls with emery paper to make them tactually pleasant.

Besides the above described positive technical and practical characteristics, the uniform surface of plywood walls is visually aesthetic and an excellent background for different decorations.

Vinyl flooring used in RoomBox modules is durable, eco-friendly, and practical. This material is way better compared to some of its analogs (e.g., laminated flooring).

We believe that bathroom is one of the most critical places in the house; a well-planned and thoroughly furnished bathroom brings additional comfort. This is why the bathroom takes a significant space in our modules. The walls and flooring of a shower are furnished with aluminum sheets, tactually pleasant and as practical as ceramic materials.