Why container homes?

Shipping container home is the best decision for those trying to achieve comfort and rational use of recourses. If you want to enjoy the comfort and modern, innovative look of your home; if you try to save your time from avoiding managing the construction process; if you value living close to nature and fully integrate with the environment – RoomBox “traveling” homes are made for you.

And yet, why shipping container homes, and how is it different from traditional capital houses?


Mobility and Durability

Container homes, hotels, or office spaces are fully mobile after they are built and can be installed in your preferred location. Uneven surface or rough conditions (frost, heat, wind, moisture) is not an issue for a container home. The frame of a shipping container is 5mm thick, whereas the walls and roof is made of 1.8mm thick, corrugated, low-alloyed steel. The materials are easily withstanding corrosion threats due to their chemical substance.



Unlike traditionally-built homes, RoomBox container homes are finished and delivered in 10 weeks after placing an order. It’s way easier and more comfortable to control the process. This is the best solution for those who value time and quality equally.


Energy Efficient

Out modules have top-quality insulation, allowing them to be highly energy efficient. We use one of the most effective yet eco-friendly and fire-proof material – Polyurethane Foam Insulation.