About Us

We are building shipping container homes, hotels, and office space. Skilled specialists create our modules with high-quality materials. While doing the modules, our top priority is ergonomics.

The founders of the Company, Archil and Irakli Lursmanashvili, came up with the idea of building container homes in 2018; however, they have started active works and planning in 2019.

Irakli is a successful architect with over 25 years of experience, and Archil has more than 12 years of career history in the finance and commercial sector.

The modern pace of life and different challenges change the needs of the customers. People tend to pay more attention to spending time in nature; they try to have an opportunity of living “now/today” in a private house (rather than a flat) without spending substantial financial or time resources. These factors helped to significantly popularize the container homes concept in many countries of the world.

Our Company’s goal is to bring this trend and lifestyle to the Georgian market to offer the best to the customers while allocating their funds and time rationally.